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Recycled Black Bean Burgers

Recycled Black Bean Burgers

Those Veggie Burgers I’ve been referencing, 4-6 burgers

Meat can get tiresome. And it is incredibly important to remember that even a high- protein/low carb diet should really only include (up to) 25% animal protein, preferably less than that for ideal digestion. Unfortunately, a lot of the prepackaged options for veggie burgers are full of sodium, soy, wheat, preservatives, guar gum and other common allergens—just check your labels! The best way to go when you’re having a veggie burger is always to make your own. In a couple of my other recipes, I’ve referenced saving the otherwise inedible stalks of broccoli and kale that always seem to go to waste. This is a great way to use EVERY bit of your produce, just like our ancestors did!

Recycled Black Bean Burgers

Recycled black bean/veggie burgers

Remnants of broccoli and kale stalks, and other such “inedibles” from weekly meals
1 can black beans (or equivalent of dried beans)
1 sweet potato
Cumin, garlic salt, onion powder to taste
*Optional almond/coconut flour


1) Preheat your oven to 400 and bake your sweet potato until it is soft (30- 40 minutes)
2) While sweet potato bakes, bring stalks to boil in 4 cups of water and let simmer and soften for 20 minutes.
3) Once softened, use a food processor to break the stalks into bite-sizes
4) Add the black beans, spices, and potato (complete with skin) to your food processor and blend until you have a smooth consistency for patties, but careful not to puree—we want chunky burgers!
5) Heat a skillet with a bit of oil and divide your goop into patties, adding (optional) flour to each side.
6) Brown each side of your burgers. This whole process should just take about 6 minutes, 3 minutes each side.
7) Place your burgers on a baking pan and insert into a 350 degree oven to cook through for another 20 minutes.

Eat these for lunch all week! Delicious on a salad, over rice, or by themselves!

And here is a bonus homemade ketchup recipe (in case you are living without sugar these days)

Blend together:
1 can organic tomato paste (trader joe’s)
1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp onion powder
1-2 tbsp. molasses
1 tsp dried mustard powder
1 tsp. all spice
1 tsp. cayenne
Slowly add enough water to blend to consistency!

ElisabethAfter being diagnosed with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) in 2012, Elisabeth found the will to conquer it naturally and nutritionally. She has since found a deeper purpose for her own calling in holistic medicine, healthful nutrition, and simple living, which led to her involvement with essential oils, interests in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and pursuit of becoming a nutritionist and Doula. Elisabeth holds a Master of Archaeology Degree from the University College of Dublin and resides in North Carolina with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

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