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15 Breakfast Smoothies That Will Help You Shed Pounds All Day

15 Breakfast Smoothies That Will Help You Shed Pounds All Day

Smoothies can be particularly beneficial when trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Starting your morning with this food allows you to pack a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients into one meal.

Best For Losing Weight- 15 Smoothies For Breakfast

Many people who are aiming to lose weight complain that they can’t achieve their goals due to a lack of time. But if you replace your regular breakfast with a healthy smoothie, you have no excuse! It takes only a few minutes to make and you can put it in a takeaway container and sip it on the go!

It’s important to mention that there are some contradicting opinions about fruit containing smoothies not being healthy as they contain sugar, in particular, fructose.

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It is true that fruit contains fructose, but never in the concentration of processed fructose found in many manufactured foods and drinks. It is often claimed that fructose damages liver. However, this study shows that industrial, not fruit fructose is associated with liver damage.

It seems that the buzz about fruit being bad for you is based on the false assumption that, because refined fructose is bad for your health and fruit contains naturally occurring fructose, therefore all fruit is bad for you. However, the study has shown that for weight loss achievement a moderate natural fructose diet was superior to a low-fructose diet.

Whole fruit contains water soluble and water insoluble fibers, antioxidants, and other chemical compounds which slow down the sugar absorption into the bloodstream. They also contain copious amounts of antioxidants which are vital for cell protection and free radical neutralization. On top of that, they are full of vitamins and minerals that are so important for our bodily functions.

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Smoothies can also be very delicious which is a great motivation to stick to a healthy breakfast routine! These 15 delicious recipes will help you get all the benefits from this type of breakfast meal and shed some pounds in a healthy way!


1. Healthified BBC Smoothie

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